Inpatient Department

“SSC «Nurly Zhurek” entityis situated at 19 Manas Street in typical 2-floor building and was opened in 1981 as the Orphanage for Mentally-Retarded Children. Thereareaccommodated 123 childrenininpatientconditions. Patronizedchildrenaredividedintogroups in accordance with their age, gender, and state severity. The institution has the necessary educational and pedagogical potential, modern material resources, and qualified teaching staff. Center is equipped with: sensory room, Montessori room,pool,sewing andcarpentry workshops, lekotek, glasshouse, social orientation rooms equipped by the modern technologies.Children training is provided by the training program of the 3rd type (individual development programs - IDP). Innovative and computer technologies, modern training practices, alternative methods of correction activity, such as horticultural therapy, art therapy, play therapy, ergotherapy, sand therapy is implemented in the entity.Medical, nursing services are provided by two full-time medical stations. Medical assistance is provided by psychiatrist, pediatrician, PM&R Physician, neuropathologist, orthopedist, therapeutist, movement specialists (kinesiotherapy specialists).

Children in institution receive the all-round assistance of the therapeutic and rehabilitation measures complex. These measures include the following types:

physical therapy for infantile cerebral paralysis

(Swiss ball, therapeutic positioning, motomed, verticalisation, phaeton);

physiotherapeutic treatment

(halotherapy – salt room, hydrotherapy, inhaling, luminotherapy);

physical therapy with massage

(full body massage, drainage massage);


S.Ye. Bupezhanov

Director of Center

Education: higher Karaganda State Medical Institute, Karaganda (graduated in 1985) Central Asia University, Almaty (graduated in 2006)

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G.Ye. Zholtanova

Deputy Director on Social Work

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M.A. Zeinelova

Deputy Director on Pedagogical Activity

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R.Kh. Mendybayev

Deputy Director on Facilities

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L.M. Ustinova

Manager of Medical Department

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A.T. Maikhanova

Inpatient Department Supervisor

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A.N. Kozhabergenova

Social Work Specialist

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