Admission Procedure

In order to receive the appointment to SSC "NurlyZhurek" the applicants should apply to Employment and Social Protection Authority of Astana PI-hereinafterAuthority. You will receive there thedocuments list for placement to inpatient or day treatment social institution. You should provide the collected documents to the Authority. The collected documents are considered and there is made the decision on appointment to inpatient or day treatment social services.

List of Required Documents:

  1. 1) written application of the service recipient, and for minor and incompetent persons - written statement of the legal representative (one of the parents, guardian, trustee, adopter, foster parent, and other persons substituting themand providing care, training, upbringing, child’s rights and interests protection in accordance with the Code, persons over eighteen years) in the form according to Annex 1 to this standard or the intercession of medical organization;
  2. 2) copy of the ID card of the service recipient with individual identification number (hereinafter - IIN);
  3. 3) copies of disablement certificate;
  4. 4) medical record bythe form according to Annex 2 to this standard;
  5. 5) copies of the extract fromdisabled person's individual rehabilitation programme;
  6. 6) for the persons over eighteen years - copies of the court decision on recognizing the person as incompetent.
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